shoeshi lunch

submitted by: ciara pastor
submitted on: 04/02/2009

country: ireland
city: cliffoney
beach: mullaghmore

submitted by: ciara pastor

awesome... just like you get in marks&spencer foodhall!
kay, 18/05/2011

Mmmmm. Very tasty. Well done
katie & chris, 26/04/2009

we have introduced a rating system now, so everyone can judge each photo and this will form the basis of the competition. This for me is a winner.
angus, 11/02/2009

Fantastic - we hope it's not one of auntie crona's shoes!
deedo & andrew, 08/02/2009

How awesome, Ciara! You've got natural talent shining through!
andrea stanet, 08/02/2009

Well done Ciara-it looks great-love the name!
lisa barrins, 06/02/2009

hey thats great ciara. very funny, Nice colours. And Im glad you got the pincers under control. shoewhey!
angus, 04/02/2009

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