submitted by: paul birchall
submitted on: 30/12/2008

Had lots of fun doing this almost wanted to leave it there for people to see, but didn't. Removed a big bag fo plastic off the beach in the process.

country: south africa
city: cape town
beach: stilbaai

submitted by: paul birchall

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wrongorganisation, 04/12/2009

Yes, good sculpture Paul, I like it but Angus I don't think they should ever be left, it goes against the fundamental ideas of the PlasticBeaches. Everybody will begin thinking their "work" should be left as inspiration and then what?
marcel, 20/01/2009

Really nice Paul, its got lots of energy and really looks like a parade. And know what you mean about wanting to leave on the beach. maybe some should be left to inspire others and the rest removed!?
angus, 19/01/2009

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