songs of the sea

submitted by: neil turner
submitted on: 16/08/2013

I've been inspired by your work since visiting capetown last year and have two of your prints on my wall here in London. The attached picture is from a recent trip to Malaysia. Thankyou for inspiring me. Where can I order more prints? Best wishes, Neil.

country: malaysia
city: langkawi
beach: datai langkawi

submitted by: neil turner

Hi Angus - I have 'slime green' and 'flashing' - I like some of your recent ones but can't find them again. Particularly like - 'Marry', Gendame, Orange peel and Joined at the hip.
neil, 24/08/2013

Thanks Neil. I like this photo too - and good title. Keep them coming. Langkawi - is that officially part of Malaysia? Which photos do you have and which ones would you like?
angus, 17/08/2013

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