multiple personality disorder 7

submitted by: angus whitty
submitted on: 24/07/2012

country: thailand
city: koh chang
beach: klong prao bay

submitted by: angus whitty

the red things are something to do with fishing kitty. yeah, it was interesting how quickly and easily only 3 or 4 things and a piece of string can create these effects. and i only uploaded 3 pics. took about 10.
angus, 02/08/2012

Interesting things you are finding on Thai beaches. Mainly manufactured materials. Lego, tooth brushs and are those door stops? I am assuming these have been left behind on the beach and not washed in from the ocean. I like the way this is one of a series of photos. Amazing how a line can create such different personalities.
kitty dorje, 02/08/2012

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