message from a lot of bottles...

submitted by: simon owens
submitted on: 02/05/2012

Please help clean up our Planet. 1 person, 6 hours, 3 beaches...4thousand bottle tops...This is not a piece of art...this is a simple fact...

country: uk
city: marnhull
beach: crete, greece.

submitted by: simon owens

Angus, I am very sorry if I unintentionally offended you and your efforts. This was not my intention at all.
simon owens, 03/05/2012

this is a great installation. What beach is this that has so many plastic tops?
michaelangelo, 02/05/2012

Thanks. The objective of this website Owen was to try to find a way to induce people to return to the beach to collect the plastic - hence asking people to make something out if it. Simply collecting is great but not a lot of people are prepared to do this, and as you know the problem runs deep. Incentivising the process is what we are trying to do, with I must say very little support and lack of enthusiasm out there too.
angus whitty, 02/05/2012

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