2 many bottle tops!

submitted by: simon owens
submitted on: 02/05/2012

6 hours, one person........four thousand plastic bottle tops. Yes, four thousand!

country: uk
city: marnhull
beach: crete, greece.

submitted by: simon owens

Agreed Brendon, absolutely crazy. Thanks for the comment.
simon owens, 02/06/2012

absolutely crazy, and yet beautiful
brendon, 02/06/2012

Hi Angus. 3 separate beaches with a total of about a 200 metre stretch. These beaches are a notorious plastic dump. We had a storm last weekend and a lot of the small stuff was washed back out to sea...so I could have collected a lot more! I came out to the Island specifically to do this. So yes, 6 hours, one person, 4 thousand tops! I now want to investigate the very best ways of recycling them. Thank you for your comment.
simon owens, 02/05/2012

wow Simon, extraordinary so many tops. Were these collected on many beaches? I am a little stunned that these were all collected in 6 hours. Quite incredible.
angus whitty, 02/05/2012

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