bottle top man!

submitted by: simon owens
submitted on: 02/05/2012

Suit made from discarded fishing nets and plastic bottle tops found on a beach in Eastern Crete.

country: uk
city: marnhull
beach: crete, greece.

submitted by: simon owens

Hi Simon. I think your outfit is fantastic. It is bright and shows you have a mind that thinks out of the box. I also like netting at the moment.
kitty, 02/05/2012

I wish I knew. Ocean currents for sure. It's also a big open bay. Prevailing winds. Rubbish dump on land upwind of beach and stuff blows off it direct into sea ending up on beach. I will investigate further and see if I can answer your question correctly. Glad you like the suit! Good litter advertising ploy!
simon owens, 02/05/2012

Simon, why is there so much plastic there? Nice suite btw!
angus whitty, 02/05/2012

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