homage to morandi

submitted by: ben coutouvidis
submitted on: 23/01/2012

This is a painting of a still life set up on the beach using found objects

country: south africa
city: cape town
beach: milnerton beach

submitted by: ben coutouvidis

Wow, that's a really cleevr way of thinking about it!
senan, 09/02/2012

... i am not sure about this, I think there need to be rules and a bit of discipline about adhering to the rules (as in there have to be photos of rubbish collected on beaches)... otherwise why not to a google images search.. much less time consuming...
kitty dorje, 24/01/2012

Brendon, and you were saying you wanted to sketch with your drawing pad ... seems like this is eminently possible.
angus whitty, 23/01/2012

I like the Chiaroscuro like approach of this painting - lovely.
angus whitty, 23/01/2012

morandi on the beach! Love it. (saw a show of his once in italy)
brendon, 23/01/2012

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