submitted by: kitty dorje
submitted on: 22/01/2012

Bower birds decorate their nests with found blue objects.

country: south africa
city: cape town
beach: milnerton

submitted by: kitty dorje

I have choosen this photo as it has the light house in the background. Perhaps you did not notice that as it was visual. I usually prefer to leave things in the visual realm and not have to state them in text, as something is lost in that process.
kitty dorje, 10/02/2012

I think the photo doesn't do justice to the artwork in this one. Perhaps some other camera angles might have revealed more.
angus whitty, 25/01/2012

bower/bouwer - ooh the puns!
brendon, 23/01/2012

great idea - brilliant execution. love it :)
brendon, 23/01/2012

interesting take with the Bower birds. Must be a bower lighthouse then!
angus whitty, 22/01/2012

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