submitted by: ingrid
submitted on: 08/08/2011

country: south africa
city: cape town
beach: hout bay

submitted by: ingrid

ah - the brute in zen beach mode - got him just right!
brendon, 02/02/2012

needs a thumbs up!
angus whitty, 18/01/2012

nice and constructive
angus whitty, 17/08/2011

thanks! I haven't quite braved disinfecting beach plastic for children's toys, but recently my work colleagues seem to have nominated me as their recylcing depot in the hope that their plastic will turn into toys, so i imagine our homes look very similar!
ingrid, 09/08/2011

wow. Great person you made here. Did you keep the pieces? If so then I can see soon your place will be looking like mine.
angus, 08/08/2011

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