submitted by: kay manley
submitted on: 04/05/2011

wreath of fishermens rubber gloves, after the "pale armistice" by rozanne hawksley

country: uk
city: shetland
beach: gulberwick

submitted by: kay manley

Go Bebbee!!! What a lot of old beautiful rubbish. Good old Edna! Love CAF!!XX
norma, 18/05/2011

Doof doof kay, cant believe your gotten publish, this is the start of your big career is art and design lady. Im loving de peerie gloves looking hot as F**k. Love TAF
louisa, 18/05/2011

Ok, I see online the significance and great choice of name for your "Remembered". In our case plastic but in Rozanne's for the fallen soldiers and for the peace that only seems to arrive on death. Great!
angus, 04/05/2011

these look beautiful all stacked together. What's the "pale armistice"? Have you kept the wreath?
angus, 04/05/2011

Wow, so proud of the work you've done for this and it looks awesome!! I might be a bit biased but what the hell!!
phil manley, 04/05/2011

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