our ocean

submitted by: natalie retief
submitted on: 29/08/2010

Hi, I’m currently a student studying at AAA advertising in Cape Town. For a resent project our class was asked to design t-shirt prints for the recycling company No Standing. The designs had to portray environmental awareness. For my design I used waste materials (mostly plastic) to form the words “Our Ocean”. Relating to the rate at which our oceans are being polluted (almost everything ends-up in the ocean)… When asked the question, ‘what do you think of when you hear the words Our Ocean?’ The typical response would be… clear blue waters, fish and other marine life, sunshine etc… With my design I’m trying to make people think differently about our ocean, and thus becoming more aware of the environment and the effects that humans have had on it.

country: south africa
city: cape town
beach: unknown

submitted by: natalie retief

very nice effect!
angus whitty, 30/08/2010

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